About OrderSync

Online OrderingOrderSync is an online order automation tool, powered by SecureSync. It allows your organization to easily incorporate online ordering on your website for lenders, realtors and other direct customers.

Based on SecureSync technology, it also can integrate submitted order data into any software system, increasing efficiencies, security and more consistent order response times.

Obtain Orders Right From Your Website

OrderSyncThis integration module allows you to integrate both messages and attachments from a secure message and direct those elements to a specified folder in GreenFolders.

Order Data can be managed in a variety of ways, making OrderSync simple and versatile.

Validate Your Form Easily

OrderSync includes advanced form validation to eliminate spam form submissions and ensure that order data is complete and correctly formatted to meet your needs.

Validations include Transaction Type Selection, Role, Phone Number, Email Address and Property Address. Form field elements highlight to bring attention to the user that additional attention is required. Additional validations are possible to meet specific requirements.

Embed OrderSync Into Your Existing Website

GreenBranch TitleEven though we build and host the form for you, OrderSync includes a convenient embed code that allows you to easily embed the form on your website.

Forms can be dedicated URLs or iFrames that are called from an existing HTML page on your site.

The example implementation on GreenBranch Title illustrates how a button on the home page is configured to launch a modal overlay that requests the information from the user.

Integrate Form Data Into Any Application

OrderSync Integration DiagramBecause OrderSync is based on SecureSync Technology, Submitted form data can be pushed into any system. For example, Form Data can be pushed in a Sendside Secure Message, GreenFolders, TSS, Streamline or SoftPro, to name a few. OrderSync can also push order data into multiple systems at once!

Get Notified!

Envelope - NotificationsOrderSync can notify you, your marketing team or the whole company upon receiving a successful order. It’s up to you. Because OrderSync integrates with GreenFolders and other applications, it can also create and assign a task to a specific group (such as review order) and notify those recipients automatically.

Notifications can be sent out via email or secure message via the Sendside Platform. Those choice is yours.

Attachment Upload Support

Attach DocumentsOften times your customer already has an order form filled out and ready to go. OrderSync allows you to require only minimal information in the web form and allow the client to pass the remainder of the order information via an attachment.

OrderSync supports large attachments (up to 20MBs).

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