About PortalSync Mobile

PortalSyncPortalSync MobileTM is a powerful mobile application that provides your customers with simplified document delivery and real-time transaction updates including closing status, transaction documents, name and contact details for the transaction coordinator and more. All right from a mobile device or tablet.

PortalSync Mobile is an optional companion to Title iO’s PortalSync. PortalSync is a secure, integrated client portal that provides real-time transaction updates and secure document dissemination to the various parties in a real estate transaction.

Supports iOS & Android DevicesPortalSync Mobile comes in two flavors: iOS and Android. Both can be branded with your company logo and colors.

As more millennials buy homes and investment properties, the greater the pressure to provide services and reach them using their mode of choice: mobile. This new generation of customers wants it THEIR way and on THEIR terms. In addition, professional parties such as real estate agents and brokers spend the bulk of their time in the field and greatly appreciate being able to keep abreast of transaction updates, closing dates, etc., while on the go.

While the world has become increasingly mobile, the industry has not been able to keep up due to the on-premise nature of industry software. PortalSync Mobile overcomes these technical challenges to give title and escrow companies a powerful yet inexpensive mobile solution without the need to change any of your current infrastructure.

Powered by SecureSyncPortalSync Mobile leverages the integration power of SecureSync, Title iO’s breakthrough data integration technology, to capture events as they happen. SecureSync facilitates the secure delivery of data and documents where they’re needed, based on rules that you configure. No more manual effort required to send documents and keep the various parties apprised of the closing status.

PortalSync Mobile Login

Your App & Your Branding

PortalSync Mobile makes your company look good. Easily integrate your current title production and document management systems to make information immediately available.

Give your customers the information they need at their fingertips. PortalSync Mobile can be branded with your logo and colors to help extend your brand and service offerings to the users’ smartphone.

    • Branded Login Page
    • Simple Registration Process
    • Dedicated App in the App Store.

Their Transactions

PortalSync Mobile delivers a highly customized user experience. Only transactions that have been explicitly shared are accessible. In addition, and because PortalSync allows you and your team to have granular control over the details you share, your customers only get to see what you share with them.

PortalSync Mobile, like the web interface for PortalSync, gives users potential access to a broad array of information including:

    • Documents
    • Tasks
    • Notes
    • Transaction Status
    • Percent Complete
    • Contact Details for the Transaction Coordinator
PortalSync Mobile - Transaction View

PortalSync Mobile - Document View

Documents and Closing Status in Real-time

PortalSync Mobile provides your customers with a handy, scrollable list of documents at their fingertips. For larger or more complicated transactions that typically include a large number of documents, PortalSync Mobile includes a powerful search utility to get exactly what’s needed.

The app also includes a PDF file viewer to simplify the viewing and handling of documents.

A document detail view provides additional valuable information including last updated date and time, file size and comments.


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