SecureSync for Email

What is SecureSync for Email?


SecureSync for Email is a secure messaging and document delivery solution for real estate, title, escrow, legal and financial services professionals looking for a simple way to send confidential information. SecureSync for Email is perfect for organizations needing a simple, capable, yet cost effective way to manage non-public, personal information (NPI) outside of the firewall.

Why Do I Need a Secure Delivery Solution?

For the first time, professionals who help assist with the closing of a real estate transaction are now subject to new regulations from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) that essentially put responsibility on the financial services companies AND their vendors to safeguard Non-public, Private Information or “NPI.”

In response, the American Land Title Association (ALTA) has taken the lead by establishing Best Practices that specifically address the sending, receiving and managing of NPI both inside and OUTSIDE of the organization. SecureSync for Email not only addresses ALTA’s Best Practices guidelines (specifically Best Practices Pillar #3), it can help streamline the delivery of important information and put valuable time back in your day.

A Complete Solution

SecureSync for Email is a fully featured secure messaging and document delivery solution. It integrates easily with your current email client so that you can leverage the tools you’re already familiar with.

SimpleSmartSecure.comSecureSync for Email leverages Sendside’s Secure Web portal ( for delivery. What does this mean? It means no software to download or confusing steps to go through to receive your messages.

Importantly, it was designed to have you up and sending documents like a pro in minimal time and, with minimal hassle.

Because many in the real estate settlement industry use Gmail or other web services and not Outlook, Title IO’s Secure Web allows users to send, receive and manage from any device.

Send from Practically Any Email Client

SecureSync for Email allows you to send secure messages and documents right from Outlook (or practically any modern email client) without any additional software to install or manage.

Supported Email Clients

Control the End-user Experience

Sendside offers a variety of Send Methods so that you can choose what’s best for you and your organization. SecureSync for Email supports the following send methods:

Secure Messaging & Document Document DeliveryStandard Secure Delivery is one of the most common secure delivery methods. The recipient receives an email notification that provides some context about the nature of the communication; who it’s from, the company, what it’s about, etc., and directs the user to a secure, lightweight access portal. If the user has not yet created a free account, they are taken directly to an account signup page. This page asks only for some basic user information.

Once the recipient has successfully created their account, they are taken immediately to their Secure Inbox which shows all incoming secure communications and documents.

Secure Deliver via Challenge and Response The Challenge & Response sending method offers another popular way to be compliant with ALTA Best Practices and CFPB regulations while making it easy on your recipients by not requiring them to create a free account or register.

When choosing this option, the system will prompt the sender for a challenge (and correct response) that will be used to protect the message and any attached documents. Before the message can be viewed, the recipient must provide the correct response to the challenge provided by the sender.

Unlike Standard Secure Delivery, Challenge & Response does not require the end user to create an account. However, since no “account” has been created for the recipient, they will not be able to benefit from the valuable features that are available to account holders such as folder support, forwarding, etc.

Private Message - with No Login Required Private (No Login Required) Messages provide yet another way to send documents to your customers. Although this method is not intended for secure delivery, it does offer a great solution for sending large files or numerous attachments that would likely not make it successfully if sent via email. This is a great option when you want to know “did they get it” and for when you need to overcome some of the many limitations to email. It offers the ability to send very large files (depending on your plan) and large numbers of attachments.

Track Activity of All Outgoing Communications

Track Document Read and Download Activity It’s hard to tell which is better: knowing when your documents have been viewed and/or downloaded by your recipient or, knowing when they haven’t. Sendside gives you both! You can easily see when important communications have been received, viewed, when documents have been downloaded, messages replied to, etc.

Sendside also supports the ability to notify you when important documents haven’t been read. This is great when you’ve sent documents out and have moved on to other important tasks. Sendside helps keep you informed and let’s you know when you need to take action.

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