GreenFolders is a popular file and folder management system for the real estate settlement industry. It helps keep a transaction electronic and provides strong document repository and workflow capabilities that help save valuable time and money. And now, SecureSync, Title iO’s breakthrough integration technology, works with GreenFolders!

SecureSync helps you get the most out of your GreenFolders investment by greatly simplifying how you get information into (and out of) GreenFolders.

SecureSync allows GreenFolders to connect to any data source, in any location, regardless of type and format. This opens up entirely new services and, importantly, it helps you and your organization unleash the true power of GreenFolders!

SecureSync for GreenFolders

What Can SecureSync for GreenFolders Do?

At a high level, SecureSync can move data and documents into and out of GreenFolders easily. To simplify adoption and highlight some of its capabilities, Title IO has created 6 “productized integrations” or Modules. These modules can be added or removed at anytime to create the perfect integration based on your needs.

The list of modules is below. Click on a specific module to learn more:

Outlook Integration
OutlookEasily store secure messages and attachments sent from Outlook in GreenFolders! In addition, secure replies from your customers can now automatically route to a specific GF file.

Secure Document Delivery

Secure Document DeliveryEasily send messages and documents securely right from a GF folder. Create templates to automate the sending of common messages to lenders, buyers, sellers or realtors.
Online Ordering
Easily allow your customers to order via your website. Submitted form data can route automatically to a specific GF Folder. SecureSync can even assign a new task and notify your team.
LinkGen LogoLinkGenTM is an automated hyperlink generation and document hosting service for title companies that is integrated with GreenFoldersTM. LinkGenTM automates the uploading of documents and the creation of hyperlinks for title commitments.


PortalSync Icon
PortalSync is a breakthrough service that allows organizations to synchronize documents automatically with their website for easy access by lenders, realtors and other parties. PortalSync allows you to eliminate the need for constant “sending” of documents.

GF Folder Archive

Archive GF Folders
Stop worrying about backing up GreenFolders and the corresponding retention of important transaction data. Configure GreenFolders to automatically encrypt and upload Folder data, messages and documents to Title IO’s Secure Archive Service.

Partner Integration

Partner Integration
SecureSync can integrate data and documents from remote, 3rd-party systems. eFile, eRecording, TRID Compliance and Title Production systems are among the many systems that can integrate easily.


FolderSync allows you to easily access documents outside of GreenFolders or, conversely, just drag ‘n drop documents into a FolderSync folder and those files will automatically appear in GreenFolders with the correct attachment type.

GF 2 GF Integration

Integrate GF instances
Easily integrate your GreenFolders instance with another instance, regardless of location. Open up new efficiencies with partners, customers or related companies by integrating and synchronizing two instances.

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