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ClosingCompanion LogoClosingCompanion™ is a powerful workflow automation tool for GreenFolders. ClosingCompanion™ allows you to simplify and improve your closing process by automating or eliminating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. ClosingCompanion™ provides a simple way to communicate , capture information, deliver documents and interact more effectively with the various parties in a real estate transaction.

The result? Smoother closings, time and costs savings AND more satisfied customers.

ClosingCompanion™ leverages several powerful Title iO technologies to create a comprehensive solution. These include:

    • SmartForms (Secure Forms and Data Capture Technology)
    • SecureSync (Data Integration Technology allows form data and documents to be integrated back into GreenFolders)
    • SecureSync for Email (Ability to send secure messages directly from GreenFolders)
    • KitchenSync (GreenFolders Workflow Automation Tool that can automate any workflow step)
Sample Seller Package

Engage Parties

Simply check a box in GreenFolders to send a branded email communication to the buyer, seller, agent and/or lender. Email templates can contain “welcome” communication and even embedded links (URLs) to secure web forms (SmartForms).

Capture Data Securely

Validate Your FormsWhen a party completes a form, the data and documents can be pushed back into the correct GreenFolders file.

GreenBranch Title


ClosingCompanion™ notifies the folder assignee that the form has been completed.

Document Delivery

When needing to send one or more documents to any of the parties, simply configure which documents to send to whom.

OrderSync Integration Diagram
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Automate the Scheduling of Closings

Closing Templates can be created to streamline notifications to the various parties of the closing. Send date, time, location and the name of the closer with a simple click.

Thank you Emails

At the end of the transaction, simply check a box to send thank you notices to one or more parties. Thank you notices can be automated with KitchenSync to be sent automatically based on folder status or task completion.

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