What is LinkGen?

LinkGen LogoLinkGenTM is a breakthrough, automated hyperlink generation and document hosting service for title companies that is integrated with GreenFoldersTM.

LinkGenTM takes the pain and hassle out of uploading documents and creating public URLs (Links) that can be embedded into title commitments (and other documents) prepared by your company.

LinkGen - How it Works

Because title commitments often reference various “requirements” and “exceptions” and because these documents can be numerous and often unwieldy, it is becoming common to include these documents as links in the title commitment rather than provide numerous attachments.

Although this sounds simple on the surface, several tedious steps are required to: 1) upload each document to a cloud service, 2) publish the file, 3) generate a hyperlink (URL), 4) copy the link, 5) bring up MS Word and 6) embed the URL into the document.

In addition to the many steps to obtain custom hyperlinks, the above approach doesn’t allow the organization to easily manage what’s been uploaded and ensure access to those important files months or years after the transaction has closed.

LinkGen’s tight integration with GreenFolders means that this process can be fully automated saving you valuable time and energy.

How Does It Work?

Apply a label in GreenFoldersLinkGenTM GreenFolders Logo connects to your GreenFolders document repository (a SecureSync Node is required) and automatically uploads documents to Title IO’s servers when a specific document label is applied (“Public” is the default). Once uploaded, the LinkGenTM service creates unique hyperlinks (URLs) for each uploaded document. The links can be used in title commitments or other documents when an embedded link is preferable to including (possibly many) attachments.

When changes are made in GreenFolders (such as labels being added or removed), a hyperlink summary file is generated (called links.txt) that includes the following information:

  • Attachment Name
  • Attachment Type
  • File Size
  • Public URL (hyperlink)
  • Last Updated (Date & Time)
  • Last Updated by (GF user)
  • Total # of Documents
  • Document Expiration Value

This hyperlink summary file (links.txt) file is automatically regenerated each time new documents are added and, conversely, each time a document label is removed via the GreenFolders interface. This provides a simple way to view all the documents that have been uploaded by the LinkGenTM service along with the corresponding hyperlinks.

LinkGenTM runs silently in the background and automatically uploads documents to Title IO’s servers while you work. Simply apply a specific label in GreenFolders (“Public” is the default label) and save the folder. That’s it.

LinkGen Basic & LinkGen Pro

LinkGenTM is available in two version to meet specific needs. LinkGenTM Basic provides the essentials while LinkGenTM Pro adds additional capabilities. See chart below for more information on each version:

LingGen - Basic LinkGen - Pro
Auto-uploading of Documents DOC, PDF and TXT files only DOC(X), PPT, XLS, CSV, JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, MP4
Expiration Date Based on “Document Upload Date Is configurable and can be based on: 1) the Document Upload Date, 2) the Transaction Close Date or, 3) the Folder Close Date
Document Storage Uploaded documents are stored for 36 months (3 Years) from the “Document Upload Date.” Uploaded documents are stored for 84 months (7 years) from the “Expiration Date.”
Average # of Uploaded Documents per Folder Supports an average of 100 uploaded documents per transaction. Individual folders may exceed this as long as the average number of documents for all folders does not exceed the threshold. Supports an average of 300 uploaded documents per transaction.
Link Summary File Includes auto-generated “links.txt” pushed back into GreenFolders Includes auto-generated “links.txt” pushed back into GreenFolders
Title Commitment Generation (.docx format) Not available A “commitment.docx” file is available via the “Links” attachment type in GreenFolders. This file is an MS Word document that includes all of the available hyperlinks and associated file names listed alphabetically by “Attachment Type.”
Custom Title Commitment Templates Not available For a nominal setup fee, LinkGenTM can generate a client-specific title commitment in MS Word (in .docx format).

Configurable Document Expiration (Pro)

Uploaded documents can be configured based on the different variables:

  • Number of months (default is 84)
  • Expiration Trigger (default is upload date, but can be the Folder Close Date or the Transaction Close date)
  • Specific Date


SecureSync NodeA SecureSync micro node is required for LinkGenTM. This node securely connects your GreenFolders application to Title IO’s LinkGenTM servers. Making it super simple to get going, the micro-node is installed and configured by us.

LinkGenTM leverages Title IO’s SecureSync data integration technology. SecureSync helps title and escrow companies easily integrate disparate applications and services to improve quotable efficiencies and enable new services that improve business results.


LinkGenTM pricing is based on the number of folders that use the service. Volume discounts are available for companies with higher transaction volumes. No charges are incurred unless documents are uploaded and processed by the LinkGenTM service.

Please contact a Title IO sales representative for a specific quote or for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do we have to pay for ALL of our Folders in GreenFolders or just the ones that use the LinkGen Service?
No. You only pay for folders that use the LinkGen service. There is no monthly service fee for LinkGen.
How much do we have to pay per folder?
The cost per folder depends on the estimated annual folder volume. Discounts are available for companies with higher volumes.
Do we have to start at based on zero volume or can we get volume pricing based on our (higher) expected annual folder volume?
Volume pricing discounts are based on annual estimates, that way our customers can get the most beneficial pricing on their first folder.
Does the estimated annual folder volume period begin from the time we start using the service or is it based on a calendar year?
LinkGen subscriptions start upon use and extend for one year from the subscription start date, not the calendar year.

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