About Outlook Integration

OutlookOne of the more popular modules for SecureSync for GreenFolders is the Outlook & Email Integration. It allows you easily store messages and attachments in GreenFolders that originate in Outlook or other popular email clients. In addition to the benefit of being able store messages in GreenFolders that originate from Outlook, this module also allows secure replies coming from Sendside to be automatically stored in GreenFolders.

In addition to specifying the need to send a message and attachments to GreenFolders, users can also specify a particular folder making it even more powerful and convenient.

Specify the Destination Folder Right From the Outlook Compose Window.

This integration module allows you to integrate both messages and attachments from a secure message and direct those elements to a specified folder in GreenFolders.


Pushing messages and attachments into GreenFolders is simple. Specific folders are targeted by using a simple “GF:” convention. For example, [GF:10027] would instruct SecureSync that the message and all attachments should pushed into GF Folder “10027.” The message and all included attachments will be placed into the correct folder and all attachments will be organized into a specified GreenFolders “Attachment Type.” By default, all attachments are placed into an attachment type called “Correspondence.” This can be easily changed during the setup to any desired attachment type.

Once the attachments have been pushed into GreenFolders, they can be easily managed. Users can simply drag n’ drop into another attachment type or right-click the mouse to manage it via the contextual menu.

Attachments are visible in both the message area (as an attachment) and via the attachments tab in GreenFolders, sorted by Attachment type.

Also Integrate Secure Replies from Sendside in GF

Sendside Secure WebNot only are messages stored in GreenFolders on the way out… the Outlook and Email Integration Module also ensures that replies (coming in from the Sendside Platform) are automatically stored in GreenFolders.

This includes both the secure message and all attachment(s) included with the message.

Push Attachments into Multiple Folders via a Single Message

Message Subject ExampleThe Outlook and Email Integration Module allows you to specify multiple GF Folders in a single message. For example, users can add two declarations in their message, such as [GF:10026] [GF:10027] or combine them into a single declaration: [GF:10026, 10027].

The Outlook & Email Integration Module requires no additional software to be installed on the email client.

Also Works with Tablets & Mobile Devices

Mobile Phone ImageIn addition to the ability to use Outlook to push messages and attachments into GF, other email clients can be configured to integrate with GreenFolders as well.

iOS, Android and Windows Mobile phones and tablets all support the ability to send secure messages via SecureSync for Email and push messages and attachments into GreenFolders!

The Outlook & Email Integration Module requires no additional software to be installed on the email client which makes setup and use simple and easy.

Module Requirements

The Outlook and Email Integration Module for SecureSync for GreenFolders has the following requirements:

    • GreenFolders Server version 3.6.9 or later
    • SecureSync Node Installed
    • SecureSync for GreenFolders Subscription with Outlook Integration Module
    • SecureSync for Email Subscription
    • Microsoft Outlook version 2010, 2013 or 2016. (Version 2007 not recommended)
The SecureSync micro-node can be installed on the GreenFolders server or on an adjacent server located in the same network.

More Information

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