SecureSync for GreenFolders allows you to send a single document (or hundreds of documents) at a time with just a few clicks. The Secure Messaging and Document delivery features are natively built into GreenFolders. As such, no additional software (or plugins) are required.
Some of the great features include:

Message Templates

Message TemplatesMessage Templates allow you to automate the process of creating and customizing messages each time you send something securely.

When you think about it, during every transaction, there is a need to send specific messages and documents to specific parties. Because the messages and documents tend to be the same for each transaction but differ with respect to who receives them, much of the effort can be automated with message templates.

Specifically, these templates can be configured to:

    • Automatically attach one or multiple documents by attachment type, label or party
    • Automatically address the message (TO/CC/BCC Fields)
    • Automatically populate the Subject Line (statically or dynamically)
    • Automatically load a message body into the compose window
    • Pre-select Message Preferences (such as first read notification)
    • Automatically apply Tags (that can be used to search for message and documents in the Secure Web Portal)
Messages that are created by templates are fully customizable once they’ve been instantiated. In other words, even though the message body might be originating from the template, users can freely modify any field or attribute before sending.

Message Templates can be created for practically any routine communication. Examples include:

    • New Order / Thank You
    • Borrower’s Authorization (For payoff)
    • TRID Disclosures (Loan Estimates, Revisions, Closing Disclosures)
    • Commitment Ready
    • Final Owners Policy
In addition, templates can be created for specific parties including:

    • Buyers / Sellers
    • Agents & Brokers
    • Lenders & Mortgage Brokers
    • Other Interested Parties

Right Click Support

right-click GreenFolders offers the ability to have contextual menu support by “Right-Clicking” anywhere within the GreenFolders application. SecureSync for GreenFolders leverages this capability and offers users the ability to select documents from the Attachments area and send those items securely via the “SEND TO” sub menu.

Select a single document or select hundreds. SecureSync for GreenFolders makes it easy.


Secure messages can be created by one person and be sent by another. This is especially useful in workgroup environments where several individuals may share the responsibility for communicating to the various parties. GreenFolders tracks the “Created By” information and, when sent records the user who actually does the sending (Sent By).

Messages that are saved as Drafts can, with a single click, be accessed for further editing or sending securely.

Message Queue Settings

GreenFolders' Message QueueFor efficient processing of messages and documents, SecureSync for GreenFolders includes a built-in Message Queue. This queue allows all GreenFolders’ clients to send to the Message Queue and move on to the next task while the queue coordinates the secure delivery to Title IO’s servers. The Message Queue can be configured to connect every minute or, at longer intervals, as needed by specific requirements.

The Message Queue provides a record of each message leaving the GreenFolders server and it also provides delivery information about each message (sent, draft, pending, retrying, error, etc.).

Send Methods

GreenFolders leverages the Sendside platform for secure delivery of messages and documents to the recipient. Included are two useful ways to send messages and documents out of GreenFolders:

    • “Standard” Secure
    • No-Login Required
In addition to nuances in the security levels, each method offers a unique end-user experience. Please refer to our dedicated page on Supported Send Methods.


Security & ComplianceSending Standard Secure from GreenFolders is highly secure and is also compliant with ALTA’s Best Practices. For more information please view our page on security & compliance.

Signature File Support (Settings)

Signature File ImageMessages (both manual and automated messages created by templates) can be configured to include a personalized signature. In addition to providing personal contact information, users are able to customize the text with a built-in editor, as needed.

Because each message routes through the organization’s secure account, footers can also be included (enforced) on an organizational level to ensure consistency and compliance.

Message Summary (List)

GF Messages Tab
All secure messages sent from GreenFolders are organized into a Messages Summary View. This provides a detailed summary of all messages relating to the GF file including:

    • TO (CC/BCC)
    • Message Subject
    • Message Status
    • Created Time
    • Created By
    • Sent By
    • Sent Date
    • Message Type (Email or Sendside “Secure”)
Please note that all messages (& attachments sent via secure messages) are correlated to a specific GreenFolders file. This provides a built-in organizational capability for all outgoing messages and avoids the need to file or organize messages after they’ve been sent.

GreenFolders Requirements

SecureSync for GreenFolders requires the GreenFolders server (& client) v3.6.9 or later. Please check with your IT administrator to determine which version you’re currently running.

More Information

For more information on Sending Messages and Documents securely from GreenFolders and how this powerful integration can save your company time, reduce hassle and improve compliance with the new security mandates and industry best practices, please get in touch with us:


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