About SmartForms

Online OrderingSmartForms are powerful web forms that allow your organization to easily capture important data and documents right from your website.

SmartForms can also be integrated with your title or escrow production systems, document management system, and workflow to eliminate extra data entry, and to increase speed and quality.

Because SmartForms are based on Title iO’s SecureSync data integration technology, form data can be pre-populated and/or shared with practically any internal or external system.

What Can You Do with SmartForms?

Sample Seller Package

    • Create Online Order Forms (OrderSync)
    • Buyer / Seller Welcome Packages
    • Lender Contact Update Forms
    • Secure Message & Document Upload Forms

Rather than create large, intimidating forms that are often abandoned by your customers, use SmartForms to create a simple, logical and easy to use order form.

This approach offers a much improved user experience and it dramatically increases form completion rates. Importantly, all form data is submitted securely, helping your firm comply with new mandates and industry best practices when handling Non-public, Private Information (NPI).

SmartForms can also be combined with other Title iO products and services. For example, SmartForms can be used with Closing Companion, Title iO’s closing automation solution, to automatically send “Welcome Packages” to the various parties automatically.

Welcome Packages are special purpose SmartForms that are designed with a specific party, such as a seller, in mind. This allows you to capture party specific information following the order submission and have the Welcome Package focus only on the fields and sections that are required for that party.

Validate Your Form Easily

Validate Your FormsSmartForms include advanced form validation to eliminate spam form submissions and ensure that order data is complete and correctly formatted to meet your needs.

Custom validations are possible to meet specific requirements.

Embed SmartForms Into Your Website

GreenBranch Title
Even though we build and host the form for you, SmartForms includes a convenient embed code that allows you to easily serve up the form from your website.

Forms can be dedicated URLs or iFrames that are called from an existing HTML page on your site.

The example implementation on GreenBranch Title illustrates how a button on the home page can be configured to send the user to a dedicated page or even launch a “modal overlay” that requests the information from the user without having to redirect them to a different page.

Integrate Form Data Into Any Application

Because SmartForms are based on Title iO’s SecureSync technology, submitted form data can be optionally pushed into any system. For example, form data can be pushed in a Sendside Secure Message, into a GreenFolders database, or a title production systems such as TSS, Streamline or SoftPro. SmartForms (via SecureSync) can also push order data into multiple systems at once!
OrderSync Integration Diagram

Security Built Right In

Security Icon
This integration module allows you to integrate both messages and attachments from a secure message and direct those elements to a specified folder in GreenFolders.

Order Data can be managed in a variety of ways, making OrderSync simple and versatile.

Get Notified!

SmartForms can be configured to notify an individual or group of a new submission. Because SmartForms are part of SecureSync, form submissions can trigger events in other applications, such as creating and assigning a task in GreenFolders.
Envelope - Notifications

Attachment Upload Support

Attach Documents
Often times your customer already has an order form filled out and ready to go. SmartForms allows you to require only minimal information in the web form and allow the client to pass the remainder of the order information via an attachment.

SmartForms support large attachment uploads (up to 20MBs).

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