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SmartSign IconSmartSign™ by Title IO is a breakthrough, electronic document signing solution that integrates directly with leading title production systems and the GreenFolders® file and folder management system.


Every real estate transaction requires signatures on documents. Most real estate transactions require dozens of documents to be signed before the transaction can be completed. Although not all lenders are equipped to handle end-to-end electronic signing, most do accept electronic signatures for many supporting documents including, importantly, the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures or, more commonly, TRID Disclosures.

Learn more about TRID Disclosures.

Powered By SecureSyncBecause SmartSign™ is integrated into GreenFolders, it becomes part of your workflow and dramatically reduces the amount of time and effort to get documents and/or forms sent out to (and returned back from) the various parties in a real estate transaction.

SmartSign™ is based on SecureSync, Title iO’s powerful and secure data integration technology. This allows SmartSign™ to work the way you do and integrate with the tools you’re already familiar with!

How it Works

A SecureSync “Node” is installed on (or on the same network) as your GreenFolder’s server. The node provides a secure connection from GreenFolders to the SmartSign™ service. This allows documents to be transferred up and, correspondingly, back down into GreenFolders when the documents have been signed.

SmartSign™ creates a new Attachment Type in GreenFolders that allows users to easily designate which documents need to be signed. The default Attachment Type is “Documents to Be Signed,” although any attachment type can be specified.

SmartSign™ also leverages the native Partyand Contactfunctionality in GreenFolders. Once a party (or multiple parties) have been selected, simply save the folder to trigger the eSign request. It’s that easy!

SmartSign - How it Works

Send Right From GreenFolders

GF Attachment TypesSending documents or templates couldn’t be easier. Simply drag (or right click on the attachment) and move the attachment to a new Attachment Type that is available for SmartSign called “Documents to be Signed.” Then, to send to a recipient, simply select a party type or contact and save the folder. That’s it!

To help you track the status of the eSign request, an attachment note is added to the attachment. Simply click on the attachment note to see where the document is in the process.

As documents are signed, they will be moved automatically to a different Attachment Type for tracking purposes.

Receive Signed Documents Into GreenFolders Automatically

Although sending documents for signature is easy, receiving signed documents back is even easier. No need to check email or log into a website to download. As documents are signed, they are integrated back into the originating GreenFolders’ folder.

To help you keep everything organized, SmartSign™ creates a new Attachment Type automatically called “Signed Documents.” This provides an easy way to see what’s been signed and allows the user to easily move the signed document to any other attachment type, as desired.

Create Templates for Common Documents & Forms

Message TemplatesSmartSign™ allows you to create templates for commonly used documents. Say, for example, that you would like the recipient to provide their name and date before signing. Templates let you pre-configure a document so that it’s ready to go.

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Automatically Share Signed Documents Via PortalSync

SmartSign™ is a next-generation client portal that also integrates with GreenFolders. When signed documents are returned back into GreenFolders, rules can be applied to extend the functionality even further. For example:

    • Apply (or Remove) labels
    • Change Attachment Type
    • Create & Assign New Task
    • Update or Close Task
    • Apply New Party Type or Contact
    • Edit or Remove Party Type or Contact

Strong Security

SecureAt Title iO, we care about Security. SmartSign™ is thoughtfully designed to ensure that document delivery, processing and the integration back into GF is done with security in mind.

Title IO uses SSL for all document transfers to ensure that confidential information remains confidential.

Compliant with the ESIGN Act of 2000, CFPB Mandates and ALTA Best Practices

CFPB LogoCompliant with the CFPB and ALTA Best Practices Pillar #3: Protecting Non-public, Private Information.

In addition, SmartSign™ eSignatures are legally binding under the 2000 U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and European Directive (EC/1999/93).

Flexible Pricing Options

Payment OptionsPricing is available to fit the way you do business. Pay by eSign event or by folder (transaction). It’s totally up to you.

Volume discounts are available for firms with higher eSign volumes. Please contact a Title IO sales representative for more information.

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