Branding Assist PackageOk, security, convenience and cool features are important.  But so is branding and making sure that your outgoing communications look great.

Sendside SecureSync and Sendside Deliver both support the ability to have your logos show in various places instead of the Sendside logo.  Because there are many points of interaction, Sendside requires different logo sizes that best match the content and space available on the page.

What is the Branding Assist Package?

Resizing and reformatting logos to look their best can be challenging and time consuming.  Leave it up to the experts to help make sure that your outbound communications are looking top notch.

The Branding Assist Package (BAP) is an optional, but recommended, add-on that helps make sure that you are getting the full benefit of the branding capabilities of Sendside.  The nominal, one-time setup fee covers the cost of logo conversion into a vector-based format (AI), resizing to meet Sendside’s specific requirements and output of high-resolution PNG images that are used by the platform.


Where are logos shown?

Logos are shown in the following areas:

  • Login Page
  • Portal Page Header (Business Users)
  • Message Header (Recipient View)
  • Document Repository View
  • Email Notification (New Message)
  • Message Loading Page (Challenge/Response and No-Login Required)


Can I generate the images myself?

Of course.  If you’re starting with a vector-based file and you’re familiar with how to output high-resolution bitmap images (PNG format) in a variety of sizes, you can do it yourself!


What logo sizes are needed?

Sendside uses the following logo sizes in specific areas:

Logo Dimensions Recommended Resolution
Greenbranch_85x40 85px x 40px 72dpi
Greenbranch_100x50 100px x 50px 72dpi
Greenbranch_210x75 210px x 75px 72dpi
Greenbranch_300x100 300px x 100px 72dpi
Greenbranch_500x250 500px x 250px 72dpi



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