Zero-day Flaw Continues to Haunt IE8 Users

IE 8 Zero-day Flaw ContinuesFor more than 7 months now, users of Internet Explorer 8 have been subjected to a Zero-day vulnerability with their browser with no apparent fix from Microsoft.

In our view, it’s best to disable Active Scripting or set your security setting to “High” if you choose to continue to use this browser.  Our strong recommendation, from a security and a usability standpoint, is to upgrade your browser to Firefox or Chrome as soon as possible.

Although this appears limited in scope and is affecting only Windows XP users, it’s a great reminder that you have to take security into your own hands and not rely on the giant from Redmond to have your best interests at heart.

Although many title and escrow companies still use XP as their main computing platform, this is yet another good reason to migrate to a more secure and “performant” platform.