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SecureSync for Data can integrate any application or data type, regardless of format with any other data type, format in any location.

Supports local, workgroup server or cloud deployments.


Strong Security and a great end-user experience CAN go hand-in-hand.

Learn how SecureSync for Email not only satisfies compliance requirements, but also security, ease of use and integration with other office applications.

Capture & Analyze
Capture & Analyze

Powerful data capture solutions such as OrderSync help you easily capture and share important data and documents.

Gain key insights into your efficiency and compliance with key industry and customer mandates.

Why Choose Us

Ease of UseProducts based on SecureSync technology leverage your existing software tools. If you’re familiar with Outlook, for example, you’re practically an expert on how to use SecureSync for Email. If you use GreenFolders, then you’ll know how to use SecureSync for GreenFolders.

SecureSync products leverage your existing applications and data sources, including your website, your email and your title software. Not having yet another interface to learn or place to go makes things simple. SecureSync helps integrate your existing applications and makes a complex environment simpler.

SecureSync Data Integration Image We speak data. We speak security. We speak secure integration of your data and systems. SecureSync is a breakthrough technology for integrating practically any application or data source.

Today’s environment is complicated with multiple, disparate software systems in use to achieve a given task. SecureSync overcomes this challenge by fully leveraging the software you know and use everyday. Updating a data field in one system automatically translates to an updated data field in another. Trigger events automatically based on rules that you define.

SecureSync brings peace of mind!

Friendly SupportTitle IO’s support team not only takes good care of our customers, we also take good care of our customer’s customers.

Whether it’s something simple as a forgotten password or configuring a new message template in GreenFolders, we strive to ensure a quick response and timely resolution of open issues.

Basic phone and web ticketing is available at no extra cost and after-hours support is available, if needed. For larger customers with more complex requirements, we also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure that your support exceeds your requirements (and expectations).

CFPBTitle IO provides a secure data backbone for organizations of all types including banks, trust companies, credit unions, mortgage lenders, title companies, escrow companies, real estate firms, media companies, technology companies, financial advisory firms and more.

Without exception, organizations large and small struggle with the complexity and cost of being compliant with state, and federal regulations and new industry best practices. Title IO helps organizations become (and remain) compliant with the new mandates and ensures that confidential customer information remains confidential.

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