Digital Office, Folder, Task and Workflow management system.


Most companies have general business tools like Word and Excel, plus industry-specific software and databases that you and your staff use every day. But what about everything else? Like fish who don’t notice the water, most people don’t even think about the critical systems and processes that allow them to manage their business. These include digital assets like file servers and shared databases as well as physical files containing paper documents.

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GreenFolders redefines the office desktop, making your office more connected and productive than ever before.

The GreenFolders office management system empowers you and your staff to use a single, easy-to-use system to tie together all your files, documents, tasks, people, and communications in a single, super-productive environment. This is not just another document repository system. It’s a full office management platform that integrates your company’s database systems, activity management, documents, file folders, notes, e-mail, secure client communications, secure file delivery, and other applications and services into one single desktop experience that spans your entire company.

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