A Revolutionary Complete Digital Office Management System.


The digital work age is upon us, but most businesses still utilize multiple platforms to meet their differing needs. While most companies use general business tools plus industry-specific software, they often forget about other critical systems and processes that allow them to thoroughly manage their workload digitally. Working remotely shouldn’t be a struggle, and with GreenFolders, digital work doesn’t need to involve multiple different systems and software. 

GreenFolders is the complete digital office management system that’s revolutionizing remote work. Our innovative system enables your business to function entirely remotely. With GreenFolders, you and your team benefit from all the advantages that come with digital work, without any of the hassle. GreenFolders is an essential core application that allows you to run your office and collaborate in real-time with anybody, from anywhere. We can save you time, money, and effort. You keep your critical programs; we handle everything else.

How Does It Work? 

The GreenFolders office management system was designed to make your life easier. It enables you to do everything you already do, but much more effectively and efficiently. 

GreenFolders improves you and your team’s efficiency using highly collaborative tools that are built right into the system. GreenFolders is much more than a set of features—you really must see the system to get an idea of what a powerful tool it is. That’s why we offer a free demonstration of the platform, so you can properly understand the ways in which it can improve your work life. 

You see, GreenFolders works the way you work, at the speed you need. GreenFolders Office Desk will: 

  • Save you time and money 
  • Increase efficiency and productivity 
  • Reduce paper use and help eliminate the hassle of paper files 
  • Let your whole office accomplish more with simultaneous file sharing 
  • Enable you to customize your system and integrate third-party plugins 
  • Allow for completely safe and secure remote work and communication 


The GreenFolders office management system empowers you and your staff to use a single, easy-to-use system to tie together all your files, documents, tasks, people, and communications in a single, super-productive environment. This is not just another document repository system. It’s a full office management platform that integrates your company’s database systems, activity management, documents, file folders, notes, e-mail, secure client communications, secure file delivery, and other applications and services into one single desktop experience that spans your entire company. 


GreenFolders provides you with all the tools you need to create and organize client files, including:

  • Managing, organizing, and editing documents 
  • Easily assign work to employees and co-workers 
  • Track file status and tasks to be completed 
  • Communicate securely with your customers or partners 
  • Safely deliver finished files 

GreenFolders revolutionizes the office desktop, making you and your team more connected and productive than ever before. 

GreenFolders is more than just a pathway to a paperless office. It’s a smart office management system that supports the way you work and improves your efficiency. GreenFolders connects your team and all your files in a single interactive and collaborative environment. Now, you can work safely and easily from anywhere, with anybody.



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