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Title iO provides escrow and title settlement companies solutions to help with every step of the process. Title iO helps you integrate with the products you already use, automate recurrent tasks, securely share sensitive documents, and create and assign to-dos so you remained organized throughout. That gives you peace of mind. That saves you time. That saves you money.

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What Title iO Solutions Solve Your Problems?


Digital Office, Folder, Task and Workflow management system

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Upload documents and create public URLs (Links) that are embedded into title commitments and other documents.

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Client Feedback Module

Transparent business generation and interaction management solution for the Settlement process.

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Flexible order entry portal that accepts multi format customer orders and error corrects them into a ubiquitous format

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GreenFolders Email

Automatically copy Outlook email messages and attachments into GreenFolder files.

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Our solutions improve sales, reduce costs and make your job easier and less tedious. Plus, Title iO integrates with your existing applications making it even easier to get started.

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