Our Story

Office BuildingTitle IO is a Salt Lake City, UT-based technology company, that has developed SecureSync, a breakthrough data integration and synchronization technology. Like a Universal Translator for Data, SecureSync powers several innovative and unique product and service offerings.

Title IO, Inc., is a UT-based technology company that is wholly owned by D’Affinity Holdings, Inc. Title IO was founded to address key market needs in the title, escrow, mortgage lending and broader real estate settlement industries.

SecureSync, the Company’s component-based, data integration technology, is taking the industry by storm. SecureSync serves as the foundation for the company’s product and service offerings. SecureSync allows organizations to easily integrate existing on-premise and/or cloud-based software solutions and, importantly, it allows the Company to offer entirely new, valuable services via a SAAS-based business model.

Through the internal development of proprietary, core services and the acquisition of two key technologies, Title IO is well positioned for strong growth in a very large, focused market.

Our Solutions

Title IO has a deep technology footprint that includes the following service offerings:

    • Compliance Solutions (Secure Email & Secure Document Delivery)
    • Secure Client Portals
    • Application & Partner Integration
    • Data Synchronization
    • Real-time, Secure Data and Document Backup
Server Rack ImageIn addition to Title IO’s core foundation of security and encryption, we focus heavily on ease-of-use, simplicity and extensibility to give customers a unique choice that solves their specific mission and integrates well into their current business processes and workflows.


Rapid Integration and Interoperability

SecureSync for Data, Sendside’s data integration and synchronization technology, offers customers a simple, yet extremely powerful way to tie applications together or share data and documents between remote users, groups or entire organizations. SecureSync can securely integrate with any type of data source, in any location, making the challenge of secure data access or integration a reality.