About PortalSyncTM

PortalSyncPortalSyncTM is next-generation, secure client portal that is literally transforming how title and escrow companies interact with parties in a real-estate transaction.

PortalSyncTM overcomes the hassle of emailing and secure emailing of documents to the various parties in a transaction. PortalSyncTM also goes miles beyond 1st generation “Transaction Management Solutions” to:

    • Provide unrivaled ease of use
    • Reduce time, effort and hassle related to keeping various parties updated
    • Automatically synchronize ALL relevant transaction data and documents
    • Not require messaging or sending of attachments to the various parties
    • Provide a central, branded access point for transaction updates, documents and correspondence
    • Use your current software tools – no additional software to use or manage

PortalSyncTM can be integrated with a number of leading title and escrow software systems. For example, when used with GreenFolders, PortalSyncTM takes the pain out of getting documents to the right parties:

PortalSync - How it Works

PortalSyncTM turns your website into a functional, secure and social hub of activity with your customers and other interested parties.



Tight Integration With GreenFolders

GreenFolders LogoUsing GreenFolders?  PortalSync TM eliminates the need to purchase, configure and learn a new system because you already have it in place: Greenfolders!

PortalSyncTM integrates with the GreenFolders file and folder management application by synchronizing specified data and/or documents to automatically be shared with specific parties based on events or rules that you define.  No more emails or sending multiple messages with attachments back and forth.  No new software tools to learn.  As attachments are created and stored in GreenFolders, they can be made available to your customers, automatically!

Synchronize Documents with Your Website

As documents (or “Attachments” as they’re called in GreenFolders) are shared with one or more parties, PortalSyncTM begins the process of uploading and sharing.  Depending on the party type, this may be a single document or it may be hundreds of documents, depending on the type of transaction.

PortalSyncTM also makes it easy to get exactly what’s needed. Users can download a single document or hundreds at a time with as few as two clicks.


Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications
First generation transaction management systems were tough on the customer. Notifications sent too frequently, no information on the notification whether or not action was required, no way for recipient’s to control the notifications per transaction or globally.

PortalSyncTM addresses these deficiencies with “Smart Notifications.” Smart Notifications help reduce the sheer volume of notifications going out to your customers and improve the quality.

The result? More happy customers!


Active Search

Increase Transparency

Because it’s advantageous from a transparency perspective, PortalSyncTM allows users to also make tasks visible to one or more external parties.

Shared tasks can include the task name, the task due date and the task owner. Other pertinent details such as task notes, etc., are not shared with external parties.

Transparency into the Transaction

Real-Time Updates

Almost instantly parties are notified when data has been shared with them. For example, when the title work is done and it moves to closing, the closer’s contact info can be shared on the transaction.

Pertinent Transaction Data on One Page

See all your shared transactions by folder name, buyer/borrower, property address and more! Know who to contact about the transaction right after opening the transaction. If you have questions about the transaction, you’ll know who to call. Need to know what other parties are associated with the transaction? This information is available upon simply opening the transaction folder.

Easy Access To CLOSED Transactions

PortalSync provides CLOSED transaction data for as long as you like. This way, phone calls requesting documents from a closed transaction will diminish substantially and you can keep working on your OPEN transactions with fewer interruptions to workflow.

Two Versions to Meet Specific Needs

To meet the needs of a small and the very largest title companies who have specific needs, PortalSyncTM is available in two versions: Standard and Lite.


PortalSync Standard PortalSync Standard
Document Type Support All document types are supported All document types are supported
Maximum # of Documents Allowed per Transaction 50 500
Document Storage 2 years Indefinitely
Sync-able Transaction Elements Transaction Status, Documents Transaction Status, Documents, Document Types, Labels, Folder Assignee, Notes, Tasks
Download All Documents Included Included
Upload & Share Documents Included
Branding Basic branding on the login, logout pages Enhanced branding throughout the application
Custom Attachment Type & Label Configurations Not available Configurable by the organization
Custom Notification Logic Included Included
Message Center Included Included
Website Embedding Available*

* Additional Fee Required

A Fully-featured, Secure Portal for Your Website

PortalSyncTM provides an elegant and highly functional interface for users that allows them to find what they need fast. Transactions are logically arranged by folder which provides a natural visual representation. Transactions can be viewed by folder or by list for advanced users. Transactions can also be sorted by property address, buyer/borrower name, seller name or transaction ID.

Because professional parties such as realtors, brokers and lenders are typically involved with many separate transactions over the course of a year, simplifying and streamlining the way you make information available is key to being a standout in a competitive marketplace. Simply put, PortalSyncTM makes your company standout above the competition and allows your organization to provide an unrivaled user experience.

PortalSyncTM was designed from the onset to be integrated into your website. This allows you to have all the benefits without any of the worry or complexity.

Title IO handles the user registration and authentication so you don’t have to. No worries about managing users, passwords or access. PortalSyncTM includes a built in mechanism for user registration.

PortalSyncTM was designed with real estate settlement in mind. As a result, it makes it super easy to see what’s new, download documents, sign documents and interact with the many parties in the real estate transaction.

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