Ways to Send Secure Messages

What is the Difference Between Secure, Private and No-Login Messages?

Because there is a tradeoff between security and ease of use, Sendside offers several different ways to send messages and documents securely.

Secure: When sending “secure,” the recipient must be authenticated to their account to view the message and/or documents. If they do not have an account, they will receive an email invitation to register and create their free account. There is no cost to register. Once an account has been created, the user is able to immediately view their message and/or download their documents. If the user does not have an active session to Sendside Secure Web portal, then they will be required to provide a user ID and password before they can access their messages and documents.

Challenge and Response: When sending a secure message via Challenge & Response, the sender must provide two items: 1) a challenge and, 2) a response that must be entered in by the recipient. The ideal challenge and response will be something known to the sender and the recipient, but would be very difficult to guess. When receiving a secure message via Challenge and Response, the recipient receives an email notification with a secure link. Clicking on the link will take the user to a page that requires the recipient to enter in the response to the challenge. If successful, the user is then taken directly to the message where they can view the message, reply and/or download documents.

Message by PIN: Sending a secure message by PIN is similar to the Challenge & Response method except the sender is not required to do come up with a challenge and response value. When selected, this method creates a unique PIN (alpha-numeric) that can be sent to the recipient via email, via SMS text or manually by the sender. The recipient will simply visit the secure portal and enter in the PIN to view their message.

No-Login: This method is very simple for the sender, like Standard Secure. Simplly select “No-Login Required” and press Send. The recipient will receive a notification that directs them to the message. No authentication is required. Because the notification email is not encrypted and because no authentication is required to view the message, it’s not as secure as the three other available methods.

General Service Questions

How long after we send documents will they be available for our end-users (recipients)?

Once you send a document through Sendside, it begins it’s journey to the recipient. Because Sendside provides virus scanning and encryption of messages and documents before they are stored, there might be a momentary “lag” before the recipient is notified and the communication is available to the recipient.

Although you, as the sender, retain the ability to RECALL a message (such as the case when the wrong email address is used, etc.) the recipient is responsible for their documents once delivered and no further work is required to maintain or administer them.

For end-user (Personal Edition) accounts, Sendside retains all messages and documents for a period of one year after the last successful login or document download.

I don't want my users to have to login to view my messages. Can Sendside accommodate that?

Yes! There is no doubt that there is a trade-off between security and end-user convenience. Sendside supports multiple delivery methods that address this challenge. These methods include:

  • Secure Delivery
  • Challenge & Response
  • Message by PIN
  • No Login Required (Private)

Please view our dedicated page for supported Send Methods for more information.

What limitations are there when sending large files? Some of our files are quite large.

The file size thresholds are actually quite generous (up to 100MB per message). There is no practical limit on the number of actual attachments provided that they don’t exceed, cumulatively, the 100MB aggregate limit.

Archiving & Retention

For how long does Sendside retain our incoming and/or outgoing messages and documents?
Sendside retains all customer data for Business Accounts indefinitely, provided that the account remains active and in good standing. Thirty (30) days following the Termination of your Customer Agreement, all account data is permanently deleted from the system.

Customers are free to download some or all of their account data at anytime.

Is Email Archiving available?
Yes. For customers with specific compliance or retention needs, message archiving is available as an add-on service.

There are two components to this solution:

  • Setup & Configuration of Sendside’s Archive Service.
  • Creating an account with one of several leading email archive services, (such as Smarsh) who is responsible for retrieving and storing each message in their remote location.

Costs for the Sendside Message and Document Archive service is $499.00 (one-time setup fee) and a nominal monthly fee based on the number of active accounts in your organization. Please contact your Sendside Sales representative for more information on this service.

In lieu of engaging a 3rd party for message retrieval and archiving and for customer who use Microsoft Exchange Server for sending and receiving email, Journaling can be configured to automatically connect to the Sendside Archive Service.

We have several years' worth of data, can you package all of it up for us?
Yes. This is available for an additional fee. Fees for data bundling is based on the number of user accounts for your organization. Please contact your Sendside sales representative for additional information.

Sendside Secure Web (simplesmartsecure.com)

Can I use Sendside if I don't use Outlook?

Yes! Sendside’s Secure Web interface allows you to leverage the power of Sendside right from a web browser. You can easily send secure and challenge/response messages and drag/drop attachments. Sendside’s Secure Web is fast and easy to use.

What exactly is www.simplesmartsecure.com?

www.simplesmartsecure.com is a secure web portal that makes receiving and replying to messages simple and easy for your customers. It provides a lightweight interface that’s intuitive and easy to navigate. Sendside’s Secure Web Portal supports a variety of browsers and viewports including desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

How does www.simplesmartsecure.com work?

Messages and documents sent via Sendside are encrypted and stored securely for the recipient on Sendside’s Secure Cloud.

Simplesmartsecure.com is the access point for these secure messages and documents.

Storage & Usage Limits

We're currently using SecureSync for Email. What happens if we exceed our storage allotment?
Each service plan provides a generous allotment of storage for messages and documents. Each user account (for Express Edition) includes 2GB of storage. Our system calculates the amount of storage based on the total storage being used, divided by the number of active accounts.

In practical terms, this means that some accounts can exceed the 2GB threshold provided that the average storage between all of the accounts is under the aggregate limit.

Although rare, for organizations that exceed this threshold, it is recommended that you migrate to our next higher usage plan which includes 5GB of storage per account.

GreenFolders Related

Can I send documents directly from GreenFolders?
Yes! There are two primary ways to send document from within GreenFolders: 1) via the attachments tab where one or more documents can be selected and sent and, 2) via the message template dialog which allows you to select a template and automatically create a message to a pre-determined selection of parties.
What activity information is stored in GreenFolders? What is available through Sendside? How long will it remain available?

GreenFolders retains message activity information that is sent from a given file. It will tell you the delivery status and if it made it successfully to the Sendside Network. That information is stored within the Message Tab in GreenFolders.

Sendside provides reporting on all message and document download activity from within the Sendside secure environment (or via simplesmartsecure.com). information is available to you at anytime provided that your account remains active.

Is it possible to save messages sent from Outlook in my GreenFolders file?
This feature is not yet supported. The ability to store replies and copies of outgoing messages Sent from Outlook is on our product road map.