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Old Way, Meet The New Way

While the industry remains focused on bloated all-in-one title and escrow production systems, Title iO recognized the need for software to work YOUR way, not the other way around.  To accomplish this, a new approach was needed to allow for flexibility and extensibility in workflows and automations… to adapt to how you work, not how the software was designed.

Our Settlement Automation platform seamlessly integrates with your title or escrow production system to improve the way you work.  Do more closings with less effort and fewer errors with Title iO.

It’s Time For A (Software) Makeover

In an industry where tradition often takes precedence over innovation, the time for a revolutionary shift is now. The hesitance to embrace new technology has created a division between outdated practices and the possibilities of the digital age. It’s time to bridge that gap and redefine the landscape with a solution that not only expedites closings but transforms your workflow into a holistic digital experience.

Position yourself as a trailblazer in the RES industry and break free of the time consuming, tedious processes that are holding you back. The status quo no longer suffices, experience the future of RES and become an industry champion with Title iO.

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Keyword Research 70%
Keyword Research 83%

The Grass Really is Greener

Step into a realm where transactions are accelerated and transformed by the power of a holistic, digital workflow. Here, time is your ally and efficiency is your closest companion. Painful, burdensome tasks are now opportunities to embrace the power of innovation with smart, customizable technology. Say goodbye to endless paperwork, errors, and tedious back-and-forths. Consolidate your software applications and ditch the hassle of navigating between disparate systems.

Revolutionize your business with Title iO—an unparalleled solution that not only expedites closings but transforms your workflow into a seamless digital experience. Our robust digital office management system empowers your team to accomplish more in less time, without the guesswork.


• Competitive Differentiation
• Real-Time, Multi User Access
• Tailored, Predefined Document Naming System
• Highly Customizable
• Better Internal & External Experience
• Intuitive Interface
• Multiple Communication Streams
• Central Location
• Remote Work Environment


• Faster Turnaround Time
• Faster Closings
• Simpler Processes
• Greater Accuracy & Improved Efficiency
• Optimized Operations & Workflows
• Increased Productivity
• Greater Accountability & Time Management
• Data Insights
• File Organization & Standardization


• Transparency & Collaboration Among Team
• Less Cost & Higher Margins Per Transaction
• Unification of Team & Your Clients
• Time In Your Day
• Fewer Clicks
• Less Guesswork & Stress
• Multiple, New Business Sources
• Retain Existing & Obtain New Clients

Title iO Does The Heavy Lifting

Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly automation suite that not only integrates with leading TPS but enhances their functionality, enabling you to operate with unmatched efficiency. Experience the power of simultaneous, real-time user access and collaboration—a game-changer for remote or hybrid work environments.

Title iO is a tool for you & your clients. A smoother, faster process translates into happier clients, repeat business, and a strong reputation in the industry. With Title iO, you’re not just saving time; you’re unlocking new levels of efficiency, minimizing errors and maximizing productivity while significantly reducing transaction costs. All of these contribute to one thing: a healthier bottom line.

Simultaneous Multi-User File Access & Collaboration

Settlement Industry Integrations (TPS)

Secure Web Collaboration Platform

Real-Time Reporting

Smart Reminders

Dynamic Folder Notes

Flexible Form Builder

Advanced Searching

Data & Document Flows

Quick Relationship Referencing

Data Viewer

Configurable Fields

Internal & External Notifications

Auto Share Docs & Reminders

Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts

Not convinced? Take A Look At The Numbers

Businesses just like yours have seen [metric/result]. Think about that in your office. Join other industry leaders who rely on Title iO for superior operations and better client experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your work day —schedule a demo below and witness the future of streamlined business operations.

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*Data based on estimates made by Title iO, LLC’s assessment of workflow automation & customization.